Saturday, September 15, 2012

Long Magatama Drops

Saturday, September 15th is the last day of Bead Street's Moving sale.  More information about a new location will be posted in the next couple of months. 

Included in this sale are the 4 by 7mm Long Magatama drops.  And about a dozen new colors in Sherbets (think sorbet, frozen yogurt with berries), matte pastels and matte metallics.  Here are some ideas and a couple of tutorials on using them.

Beautiful bracelet created by Deb.
She used a magnet clasp so that it looks continuous.
From Super Beadwork, Feb/March 2011

Long Magatama Spiral Stitch Bracelet

Another version using one of the new colors
 and a vintage button

For instructions on how to do this bracelet,  
click this link Spiral Stitch

Here is another free pattern for an Embellished Ladder Stitch Bracelet using these Magatama drops  written by Amadeuslila and Zuzzl.


LUCY said...

Espectacular, una maravilla!!!!!!

bead addict said...


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It's always great to 'meet' other people who are addicted to beads.

I thought I had it bad but you OWN an actual bead shop!
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Eileen said...

Nice to know someone reads comments. Become a Follower I will be giving away free stuff to clean out excess inventory from the move.

bead addict said...

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Mariam abalorios. said...

Beautiful and original jewels,I´m glad you to be in my Blog and to write a coment. I´m already your follower and I´ll visit you again of course. Thanks for share the schemes, they are great!!!.
MariaM acabado en M

Albert Kinga said...

Beautiful! Your work is very nice! :)