Monday, September 3, 2012

Russian Spiral

Called  the Russian Wraparound, this pattern designed by Carolyn Cave, is from  the October 2011 issue of Bead and Button magazine. This is a Russian Spiral stitch using Japanese bugle beads and Japanese seed beads.

I don't get to bead very often
 but thought I would give this pattern a try

This was done by a Bead Street Customer. 
 Really nice colors.

Beaded by Virginia, she swapped some of the beads
 to create a slightly different look.

Another beautiful  version created by Virginia

My friend Barb, from Portland. 
 She started one of these the last time she was in Boise.

This was what Barb was working on
 using her favorite beautiful bold colors. 
She will be visiting again this week to attend
Boise's annual Art in the Park. 
 Wonder if she finished this bracelet?

Another one by Virginia. 
She must really like this pattern
because here she made it long enough
 to go around her neck twice. 

Thanks everyone for bringing your projects into Bead Street and allowing me to photograph and post them.  Your work is so inspiring!

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