Friday, September 14, 2012

Macrame and Leather Wrap Bracelet

When I was young, my Grandmother  taught me how to tie knots in cords to make jewelry.  I can’t remember whether we were doing macrame or just something similar.    We’d put our feet up against the coffee table in the living room, 'safety pin' the ends of cords to our pants - somewhere around the tops of our knees and spend hours weaving cords over and under, back and forth around a shoe lace.

This Macrame and Ladder Wrap bracelet is reminiscent of those projects.  A lot prettier here - because of the gorgeous colors of C-Lon Macrame Cord - but very similar to what we did in the 1950's. 

Beads are Czech 4mm fire polish and freshwater pearls.

A vintage button for a closure

2mm leather cord

Four colors of C-Lon Macrame' cord.

If you would like to try this project, now is the time.  All of the materials, except for the leather, are on sale right now at Bead Street.   Click on Videos on the top navigation bar to see a how-to on making a ladder stitch bracelet if you are unfamiliar with this technique.  Add macrame' knots in between each group of beads to create your own version.

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LUCY said...

Bellisimo trabajo, super original!!!!