Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bead Street New Additions

We now have 144 colors of the new Czech 2-hole Super Duos and Twins.  We much prefer the Super Duos because of their uniformity and their quality.    But we carry both because we all  know color is really important when it comes to beads.  These photos do not come close to showing actual colors - we just thought we would give you a taste of what is available.   Opaques, transparents, pearl finish, metallics, mattes, and the fabulous Picasso finish on some of these.

Purples, lavenders, pinks, roses, reds,
salmons, yellows and golds

Coppers, bronzes, Lime greens, emerald greens,
teals,  light blues, and dark blues

Blacks, greys, whites, silvers, beige,
browns and rusts.
Bead Street also received 26 colors of the size 8/o Triangle seed beads.  We  recently had many requests for these beads probably because there has been a few new patterns in the beading magazines using them.  What we received so far are mostly metallic, mattes, rainbows and gold and silver.

The Size 15/o Hex beads have been restocked although there were quite a few colors that have been discontinued.  We still have a few of those, but they are going fast. 

We also received a shipment of the 4mm by 7mm Long Magatama drops with about a dozen yummy new colors (think sorbet, frozen yogurt with berries)  and matte metallics.  Beautiful new colors and these should be tubed and on the wall by Saturday.

As you are thinking about all the fabulous projects you can make with these new beads - remember this is Art in the Park weekend - just in case you need a little more inspiration.  Hope you have a great weekend.

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