Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Freeform Peyote

We managed to squeeze in another Freeform Peyote class with Nancy.  Because this is a two-part class with 'homework' in between - we need to try and schedule this when students don't have gardens, vacations and  other life issues to deal with.  No, we are not so obsessed with beads that they are the ultimate priority in our lives.  My friend Barb, from Portland, did travel to Boise to get in on a class with Nancy.  Okay, so maybe some of us are obsessed.  Here are photos of the first class and hopefully the gals will bring in their finished projects so all of us can see them.

Elaine is making a necklace in some of my favorite colors.

Barb made great progress. 
She did send me a photo of her finished bracelet from her phone to my phone. 
When I figure out how to get the photo to my computer, I'll pass it along,

They look pretty serious don't they? 

This is Linda's 'beading palette'. 
Freeform is a little easier when you have a good selection to choose from.

This is a great example of using 'bridges.'