Bead Street has a design team that is constantly designing new projects.  We test the patterns, make up samples to inspire you and provide the directions to help you make the project yourself.  The following patterns are currently available:

  • Chain'On Bracelet or Bangle designed by Eileen Barker
  • Just Rollin' Along designed by Eileen Barker
  • Tubari Spiral designed by Eileen Barker
  • Along the Seine designed by Eileen Barker
  • Parisian Lace pattern created by Eileen Barker.  All available from Bead Street - call 208/336-9707 or email 
  • Pyramid Band by Deborah Roberti available at
  • Venetian Cuff by Deborah Roberti available HERE
  • Tila Flower by Deborah Roberti available at
  • Petals and Posies is available from Marcia Balonis or in her  Etsy shop
  • Dew Drop Bracelet is available from Marcia Balonis

Starman Trendsetter Patterns are available from us as well. The directions are FREE with the purchase of beads needed to complete the project.  See our website for bead selection and color choices.  You can call us 208/336-9707  or email to help with your selection. The following patterns are currently available:

- Snakeskin designed by Svetlana Levy
- Victory Bangle designed by Nichole Starman
- Zipper Bracelet by Anna Lindell

The following tutorials are free:

Crystal Heart:  See the 'Beaded Heart Tutorial' post (under Labels)  for instructions for this.  We made the last diagram much easier to follow so  don't be intimidated before you even start.

Beaded Bead using 3mm Cubes and Size 8 'Sharp' Triangles (we have around 12 colors in stock)

Beaded Bead using drops