Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beaded Emboidery

This Beaded Embroidered Button class was scheduled at Bead Street as a special request from the gals you see in these photos.  They signed up before seeing a class sample - actually they signed up before they even knew what Nancy Sathre-Vogel was teaching.

Irene and Deb conferring on color choices.

                                         Notice the table - students brought snacks -
                                           looks more like a party than a bead class.

Joy used a stone center and
then embellished the sides
 creating a lot of depth

Deb used a Czech Glass button

Janet & Masoumeh started with the same button.
But with different beads - looked totally different.
Again, our 14 year old Irene ran 'circles'
around everyone.
Laura made great progress on
a beautiful MOP piece

In the beginning, things went well.  Nancy, as usual, conveyed a 'ton' of info. 
 She has done bead embroidery a long time and was able to break down the steps
into easy pieces so that everyone was able to finish their project. 
 But, towards the end of the evening, things got out of control. 
There seems to be a little rivalry between Janet and Joy
 on who is the "most entertaining student". 
 The jury is still out.

These are some of Nancy's embroidered cuffs.  She does absolutely stunning work and the photos show how talented she is.   I have no doubt that the gals in Nancy's class will produce equally beautiful pieces.  They now have the tools, but may not get the time until after Christmas. 
 I can't wait to see what they come up with.

See more of Nancy's work at
Nancy will be teaching this again sometime in February or
March 2012.  If you would like to be part of the class,
let us know via email


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Penny Dixon of Penelope Designs

Penny Dixon of Penelope Designs, is one of our new instructors at Bead Street.  In her mind, she is a beginning beader - but as you see below, a multi-talented artist.  Her use of colors are beautiful and she has a creative spirit about her that I usually only see in advanced jewelry artists.  Some of her designs are very time consuming projects from the beading magazines.  But she also does original work inspired by her students, her peers and other designers.  This is just a sampling.  See other works at  (coming soon). Welcome aboard Penny!  We all look forward to your classes in the new year.

                  Beautful beaded necklace with the clasp hidden in this beaded bead.

Beautiful work with Czech glass buttons.
Hope to have a couple of classes at Bead Street
based around buttons in 2012

Penny also sells her jewelry.
 For more information or to purchase anything you see here,
email her at

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New 2 hole Tila Beads

These are the new 2 hole Czech Tile beads - we now have about 100 colors.  Will take closeups and pics of the other colors so you can see the fabulous finish on these beads.  You can use them in whatever Tila patterns you may have.  Some patterns out there actually look better with these beads because they are slightly 'thicker' and have rounded corners (so they are not so sharp).  Check out our Tila and Tile Bracelet post for photos and you can see the difference.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Netted Wire Earrings

Saturday a workshop was held at Bead Street with a very talented jewelry designer from Twin Falls, Idaho.  Penny Dixon of Penelope Designs, conducted a Netted Wire Earring class. Students were excited and also challenged - many of these gals have not done any wire before today. But they were also very excited about learning a new technique, and had great results as seen here.  More workshops with Penny will be coming to Bead Street in the new year.

These are Pennys' and this is what the earrings are supposed to look like

Claudia used Sterling and pearls.  Pretty good match, huh.

Lucy used crystals - beautiful colors - much prettier than this photo shows

This belongs to our 14 year old Irene - who has no experience in wire. 
 She made three of these in the same time everyone made one. 
 Incredible talent for this young lady.
 Instructor Penny was even inspired by her work.  
 Way to go Irene!
These belong to Joy.  Again absolutely no experience with wire -
she didn't even know what some of the wire tools were. 
 Great work for a first project and my favorite colors - teal and matt raku

Is Joy excited about completing her project, or is she about to lose a finger? 
  I don't remember...

Petal Bracelet

Another test for Nicole's Petal Bracelet.  We had revised the original instructions, unfortunately I couldn't remember what the revisions were.  Old age certainly isn't fun sometimes.  Fortunately, I could at least remember where the class was held,  I have pain pills readily available, I don't wear Depends - and everyone left with  a beautiful completed bracelet.  So, in my mind, life is good.  After this class, the published instructions will be much easier to understand.  Thanks to everyone for participating.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Tila and Tile Bracelet

Many, many Tila and Tile bracelet classes lately.  We carry all the Japanese colors of the Miyuki Tila beads and 100 of the Czech Tile colors.  There has been a lot of excitement about these new 2-hole beads.  Not too many patterns out there as yet but I think we have taught them all.  Sandy Taylor is our 'Tile' expert and she will be teaching new patterns starting in January.  She also will repeat the classes we have already taught - if you are interested, please let us know so we can schedule a time.


Notice the difference, top one is Japanese thinner Tila,
bottom sample is Czech with  more rounded corners.

Fabulous colors in the Czech Tiles.

This was an ad in Bead and Button,  Bead Style and Stringing magazines.  I was very honored to see my name published along with the ad.

Freeform Peyote - Day 2

This is Day 2 of the Freeform Peyote workshop taught by Nancy Sathre-Vogel.  Below photos of some of the student's work.   Again, still works in progress.  In the second day, they learned how to embellish their pieces.  I look forward to seeing more of the finished projects,  Please bring them in to show me!

This is Joy's - she added some of her favorite lampwork beads

Deb almost has her necklace finished

I bet you can quess that this one was done by Janet
All beautiful, beautiful work - I really look forward to seeing all of the finished projects.  This was a fabulous workshop and hopefully we can do another 2 part session in January or February.  Everyone raved about what a great teacher Nancy was, how patient and informative, and we loved seeing her wonderful beaded necklaces.  See some of her work on her blog at

RAW with Peanut Beads

Sandy Taylor taught a great new class in Right Angle Weave using the new Peanut Beads.  This is a pattern designed by a friend of Sandy's, Adele Kimpell, that we purchased for the students.  It was a challenging class for those who bead 'loose'.  Of course, it was a great project for those 'tight' beaders.  Below are two that Joy made.  We'd like more patterns for these beads - if anyone out there is listening?  Adele?

Three more samples.  The light green bracelet has been embellished with 3.5m rose montees. The blue one has been embellished with 6m round Czech glass.