Sunday, December 4, 2011

Netted Wire Earrings

Saturday a workshop was held at Bead Street with a very talented jewelry designer from Twin Falls, Idaho.  Penny Dixon of Penelope Designs, conducted a Netted Wire Earring class. Students were excited and also challenged - many of these gals have not done any wire before today. But they were also very excited about learning a new technique, and had great results as seen here.  More workshops with Penny will be coming to Bead Street in the new year.

These are Pennys' and this is what the earrings are supposed to look like

Claudia used Sterling and pearls.  Pretty good match, huh.

Lucy used crystals - beautiful colors - much prettier than this photo shows

This belongs to our 14 year old Irene - who has no experience in wire. 
 She made three of these in the same time everyone made one. 
 Incredible talent for this young lady.
 Instructor Penny was even inspired by her work.  
 Way to go Irene!
These belong to Joy.  Again absolutely no experience with wire -
she didn't even know what some of the wire tools were. 
 Great work for a first project and my favorite colors - teal and matt raku

Is Joy excited about completing her project, or is she about to lose a finger? 
  I don't remember...

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