Thursday, December 1, 2011

Back to work

Boy, trying to get back into teaching mode after 'walking' thru Italy, buying beads in Europe and taking a wire class with Sharilyn Miller in Cortona, Italy is really difficult.  Fortunately, I have some great instructors so am going to turn the teaching over to them for a few weeks.  Also, very pleased about our new instructors coming on - with fabulous new projects that we have not taught before,   I am excited...

I'll have photos of the projects we did in Sharilyyn's workshop sometime after Christmas.  Its going to take some time to sort thru all the photos, but here is a teaser:

As good as the trip sounds, part of it was really hard work.  Digging thru dusty, dirty boxes in 90 degree weather (not a lot of air conditioning over there) was not fun.  But the thrill of 'the find' kept me going.  Here are some of the trinkets I found.  Antique buttons (some I used in Sharilyn's class),  old metal crosses, and coins which we pounded flat and drilled.   Skeleton keys, lockets and glass beads will be in the store as soon as they arrive.

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