Friday, August 31, 2012

Czech Glass Lentil Beads

Bead Street just got a new shipment of the 6mm Czech glass lentil beads. Some new colors that were not previously available and some restock.   Some colors are in limited supply and may not even be made again.  Since we had plans to teach two classes in September using these beads, we have decided to have a Labor Day Sale on them.  For the weekend (and thru next week), take 30% off any lentil bead purchase. 

The September class schedule will be posted next week but here are some photos of things to come.

Lentil Bracelet Class, $10 but you get a $10 store credit
to purchase your beads.
You can make it thicker or thinner - whichever way you like your bracelets.
This is a three hour class. 
However, once you have made one, you'll find it will take "about an hour" (sounds like an eyeglass commercial doesn't it). 
 So, these are great projects to make for friends.

Closeup of first photo
Another new class is this beaded bead which is
also made with lentil beads.  The original uses two needles
 but we have redesigned it to make it easier. 
This necklace incorporates a few of those lentil beaded beads.  Pretty nice!

More September classes include Penny's Scrollwork, her Netted Wire Cabochon, and Nancy's Freeform Peyote.  We'll have more information on other projects and hopefully have photos next week as well.  In the meantime, if you are in town this weekend, come in and see the new beads and enjoy a discount.   Stay safe and have a great Labor Day.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Super Duo Beaded Bead

Another beaded bead class taught at Bead Street using the new Czech Super Duos and Twin beads.  This is the second beaded bead using these new 2-hole beads.  This was originally done using two needles and we modified it so you only need to use one needle.

Beautiful colors. 
Can't wait to see the finished project using these.

This turned out stunning.
  Notice the 'filler' beads - looks like those angel wing beads you only see around the holidays. Nice!

Beaded beads combined with a herringbone
 tube learned in another class.

These beaded beads are combined with crystal
and sterling silver metal beads

These were all finished during the class.
 Great job everyone - and great color combinations.

This bead is a bit challenging and
you can see Virginia is thrilled she finally got it.

More classes and more free tutorials coming soon using both the SuperDuos and/or the Twin beads.   Most projects can be done using either bead. However, these beaded bead projects work up much better using the SuperDuos. Stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Right Angle Weave with Czech Super Duos

Bead Street now has over 130 colors of the new two-holed SuperDuo and Twin beads and more colors are expected this week.  We much prefer the SuperDuos for their uniformity, their great color variety, and the overall quality.  We've had students and customers say the same thing.  However, as a beader, I know color can be important if you are trying to match an outfit. So Bead Street sells both. 

Because the SuperDuos are a pressed glass, you don't have to inspect each one before using to insure they  have two holes.  And, in general, we have found that you can use either one in the same pattern.   More information about patterns and colors will follow. 

Here is a class taught by Sandy Taylor using the SuperDuos/Twins along with 3.5 mm Montees.  And as usual, Bead Street students came up with other ideas, modified the pattern and produced some beautiful cuff bracelets.

This is Sandy's sample bracelet that she created
around this beautiful button.
Chris has a great collection of buttons and clasps
 to finish her projects as well.

If I remember correctly, it seems Elaine
was trying to match a new outfit.

 Beautiful colors and great button closure as well.
Didn't have a name on this one when I posted it
and guess what - It belongs to Janet.
She 'stepped out of the box' with her color choice and
just when I think I know my customers,
they surprise me.  Great work, Janet.

Claudia even made her own SuperDuo
 beaded button closure

Here Claudia created her own beautiful pattern and
added the Montees in a different place.
 This bracelet deserves a Post of its own,
 you will see it a little later.

We have to show this photo because some of these gals
 have taken so many classes -
 they can't remember what they have done.

Virginia did one in class and then
finished a couple more to give to relatives

Another beautiful one from Chris - is this her third or fourth?
She also made a button with the SuperDuos
to complete her bracelet.  Pretty nice!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pillow Bead Bracelet

As promised, here are some photos of beads that students made in Penny Dixon's Pillow Bead Bracelet class.  Some gals have made the beads but haven't finished their bracelets as of yet.  But here you get a chance to see the colors they are using.   Deb and Sue have finished at least one bracelet each.  More photos to follow.

Gee, wonder if this one belongs to Janet?
Bead Street Nos. S11605E for TQ, P11211E for the bronze
and a brick red seedbead size 11.

Joy selected beautiful colors on this one as well.
 Bead Street Nos. S11754E, S11916E, and P11208E.

I think this one belongs to Lucy. 
She was matching a new outfit so these may become
earrings instead of a bracelet.

This is Deb's finished bracelet.  Beautiful colors and I think she's pretty happy with it since I see her wearing it a lot..

This one beaded by Sue and she used some
of the same colors selected by Irene. 
I think Sue has another that she started in the class -
would love to see that one as well.
Pretty stunning huh?
All in all, I think everyone pretty happy with their projects.

We really appreciate that Penny drives from Twin Falls
 to teach at Bead Street in Boise.
We'll have to schedule as many classes as we can
 before winter weather.

One of Penny's class samples. 
See more of her work at

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Comments on Tila Twin Class

Have received many emails on the last post.  Most of them commenting on the great colors of CzechMate Tiles and SuperDuos - a few asking about another class - and some on wanting to know how to buy them.  The following is the email I received from Barb, my friend in Portland.  This made me laugh and I just had to share parts of it with you.  If you haven't read it, you might want to read the prior post first.

      "recovering from yesterday..... on to coffee, thinking.......  afterwards,  sitting, more thinking... 

Bated breath - hmmmmm-what is 'bb'?  Why do people say 'waiting with bb'????  What is that really, and are people really capable of having it???  Do we really want it?  Is it good for us? 

What would the Surgeon General say and do you think she's looked into it?  There's another question.  Is she doing her job?  What does she really do?  But back to bb...

I thought about this for quite awhile (while my popcorn was in the microwave) and decided to go to my goto gal, 'Gloria Google'.   

There it was, the definition...

To bate is to reduce, lessen or diminish. 
Waiting with bated breath implies waiting
with such suspense that one is hardly breathing

Do I want to be like this for even a short time??  Maybe I'll have to be waiting in another way.....what are other ways we wait?  Like for birthday presents, anniversaries (I for one don't need another washer and dryer), or waiting for something we may be dreaming about that has yet to appear.  How do you wait. 

I'm at this time waiting to get ready to go to work.  I'd rather wait for something else.  Like starting a new bead project with the new two holed SuperDuos (did I say fab colors before?).  But work provides money to buy the beads and sometimes,  on occasion, food and gas. 

So,  what are we waiting for again????"

That's my friend Barb and you can see why I love her.  I would say I am 'anxiously waiting' to see your finished projects,  but on second thought .....  Thanks for reading, Eileen

Friday, August 10, 2012

Another Tila Twin Bracelet Class

There was such overwhelming response and interest in this class - we had a waiting list big enough to fill another class. Here are some beautiful color samples of the students' work and I am waiting 'with bated breath' to see your finished bracelets. Again, even though this is a 'Tila Twin' pattern (thanks to Deborah Roberti), we mostly used CzechMate Tiles and Czech SuperDuo two holed beads.

Thanks to all for being so patient and in some cases, volunteering to reschedule into this one. 

Joy used TQ Pearl coated Twins (TW108N), Picasso Umber CzechMates and Bead Street No. S11223E for her seedbeads.

Chris used Opaque Gold/Rose Topaz  CzechMates, 2 colors of SuperDuos (Bead Street Nos. TW164N and TW157N) and S11205E seedbeads.
I think Deb liked this pattern - she has already finished at least two of these.  Here is Opaque Lt Beige Picasso CzechMates and SuperDuos in color TW135N.

Laura used one of the new colors of CzechMates, Bronze Turquoise Picasso, with Pearl TQ Twins (TW108G) and Bead Street No. S11460E for her seedbeads.  One of my favorite colorways.

I think this is Deb's second bracelet. 
Picasso Umber CzechMates, and Super Duos TW151N.

Pauline used Luster OP Green CzechMates,
TW150N SuperDuos and S11916E seedbeads.

Mary used Persian Turquoise Czechmates and SuperDuos TW150N.  Somehow Masoumeh, and Lea got away without me getting a good photo.  Hopefully, they will finish their projects and bring them into Bead Street for 'Show and Tell'.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beading Projects

We had a fun day Saturday for Penny's Pillow Bracelet class (which I was calling  a 'Puffy Bead' Bracelet).   And if you are thinking the photo below isn't  that project - you are right.  We had a full house and many brought 'Show and Tell' projects they learned in past classes.  Except Joy.  She was the one that brought the tomato in the top right corner. 

Janet has spent a lot of time learning how to bead cabochons.  This is a Tagua nut and a herringbone rope. 

In this closeup, you can see the triangle shape of the nut, which makes it somewhat difficult to embellish. 
Janet did a great job with this piece.

This is also Janet's.  She says she is having a lot of fun with crochet.

This is the Deborah Roberti pattern called Tila Twin Bracelet that Sandy Taylor taught in July.  Janet closed the bracelet with an embellished button that she learned in a class taught by Nancy Sathre-Vogel. 

Another beautiful - and colorful - bracelet using the Tila Twin pattern.  Love how Janet finished her loop for the closure.

Penny also brought examples to share. 
I can't remember what she calls this beautiful bracelet.
 Hopefully, I'll find out soon and we can get this class
 scheduled in the fall. 

Love the colors she chose.
So much to learn and so little time.
Check back for photos of the Pillow Bracelet class.


Scroll Class Projects

More examples of projects learned in Penny's Scroll class.  The first two belong to Deb.  This is a beautiful bracelet she finished the first week after the class.  She was kind enough to bring this into Bead Street for me to photograph and then I lost the photo.  I had no idea an 8GB camera card could hold over a thousand photos.  So I really didn't 'lose' the photo - I just didn't look for it long enough.  

Deb used 6mm Czech fire polish, Japanese seed beads and a Swarovski Rivoli for the center. 

Here you can see how stunning this is.
Beautiful scroll work Deb!

Penny used a large stone cabochon, 3mm Czech Fire Polish, Japanese seed beads and freshwater pearls
for this beautiful bracelet

I love Penny's color palette. 
Can you see the fire polish around the cabochon?.

This is a work in progress. 
 Janet is using scroll techniques and beaded cabochon techniques from Penny's class to make this beautiful necklace. 
She is also using a Herringbone stitch to create the rope. 

Rose quartz drops, Swarovski crystals, Japanese seed beads and her own design for the flower pendant.
Can't wait to see the finished necklace