Friday, August 10, 2012

Another Tila Twin Bracelet Class

There was such overwhelming response and interest in this class - we had a waiting list big enough to fill another class. Here are some beautiful color samples of the students' work and I am waiting 'with bated breath' to see your finished bracelets. Again, even though this is a 'Tila Twin' pattern (thanks to Deborah Roberti), we mostly used CzechMate Tiles and Czech SuperDuo two holed beads.

Thanks to all for being so patient and in some cases, volunteering to reschedule into this one. 

Joy used TQ Pearl coated Twins (TW108N), Picasso Umber CzechMates and Bead Street No. S11223E for her seedbeads.

Chris used Opaque Gold/Rose Topaz  CzechMates, 2 colors of SuperDuos (Bead Street Nos. TW164N and TW157N) and S11205E seedbeads.
I think Deb liked this pattern - she has already finished at least two of these.  Here is Opaque Lt Beige Picasso CzechMates and SuperDuos in color TW135N.

Laura used one of the new colors of CzechMates, Bronze Turquoise Picasso, with Pearl TQ Twins (TW108G) and Bead Street No. S11460E for her seedbeads.  One of my favorite colorways.

I think this is Deb's second bracelet. 
Picasso Umber CzechMates, and Super Duos TW151N.

Pauline used Luster OP Green CzechMates,
TW150N SuperDuos and S11916E seedbeads.

Mary used Persian Turquoise Czechmates and SuperDuos TW150N.  Somehow Masoumeh, and Lea got away without me getting a good photo.  Hopefully, they will finish their projects and bring them into Bead Street for 'Show and Tell'.

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