Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Right Angle Weave with Czech Super Duos

Bead Street now has over 130 colors of the new two-holed SuperDuo and Twin beads and more colors are expected this week.  We much prefer the SuperDuos for their uniformity, their great color variety, and the overall quality.  We've had students and customers say the same thing.  However, as a beader, I know color can be important if you are trying to match an outfit. So Bead Street sells both. 

Because the SuperDuos are a pressed glass, you don't have to inspect each one before using to insure they  have two holes.  And, in general, we have found that you can use either one in the same pattern.   More information about patterns and colors will follow. 

Here is a class taught by Sandy Taylor using the SuperDuos/Twins along with 3.5 mm Montees.  And as usual, Bead Street students came up with other ideas, modified the pattern and produced some beautiful cuff bracelets.

This is Sandy's sample bracelet that she created
around this beautiful button.
Chris has a great collection of buttons and clasps
 to finish her projects as well.

If I remember correctly, it seems Elaine
was trying to match a new outfit.

 Beautiful colors and great button closure as well.
Didn't have a name on this one when I posted it
and guess what - It belongs to Janet.
She 'stepped out of the box' with her color choice and
just when I think I know my customers,
they surprise me.  Great work, Janet.

Claudia even made her own SuperDuo
 beaded button closure

Here Claudia created her own beautiful pattern and
added the Montees in a different place.
 This bracelet deserves a Post of its own,
 you will see it a little later.

We have to show this photo because some of these gals
 have taken so many classes -
 they can't remember what they have done.

Virginia did one in class and then
finished a couple more to give to relatives

Another beautiful one from Chris - is this her third or fourth?
She also made a button with the SuperDuos
to complete her bracelet.  Pretty nice!

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