Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Super Duo Beaded Bead

Another beaded bead class taught at Bead Street using the new Czech Super Duos and Twin beads.  This is the second beaded bead using these new 2-hole beads.  This was originally done using two needles and we modified it so you only need to use one needle.

Beautiful colors. 
Can't wait to see the finished project using these.

This turned out stunning.
  Notice the 'filler' beads - looks like those angel wing beads you only see around the holidays. Nice!

Beaded beads combined with a herringbone
 tube learned in another class.

These beaded beads are combined with crystal
and sterling silver metal beads

These were all finished during the class.
 Great job everyone - and great color combinations.

This bead is a bit challenging and
you can see Virginia is thrilled she finally got it.

More classes and more free tutorials coming soon using both the SuperDuos and/or the Twin beads.   Most projects can be done using either bead. However, these beaded bead projects work up much better using the SuperDuos. Stay tuned for more.

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