Sunday, August 12, 2012

Comments on Tila Twin Class

Have received many emails on the last post.  Most of them commenting on the great colors of CzechMate Tiles and SuperDuos - a few asking about another class - and some on wanting to know how to buy them.  The following is the email I received from Barb, my friend in Portland.  This made me laugh and I just had to share parts of it with you.  If you haven't read it, you might want to read the prior post first.

      "recovering from yesterday..... on to coffee, thinking.......  afterwards,  sitting, more thinking... 

Bated breath - hmmmmm-what is 'bb'?  Why do people say 'waiting with bb'????  What is that really, and are people really capable of having it???  Do we really want it?  Is it good for us? 

What would the Surgeon General say and do you think she's looked into it?  There's another question.  Is she doing her job?  What does she really do?  But back to bb...

I thought about this for quite awhile (while my popcorn was in the microwave) and decided to go to my goto gal, 'Gloria Google'.   

There it was, the definition...

To bate is to reduce, lessen or diminish. 
Waiting with bated breath implies waiting
with such suspense that one is hardly breathing

Do I want to be like this for even a short time??  Maybe I'll have to be waiting in another way.....what are other ways we wait?  Like for birthday presents, anniversaries (I for one don't need another washer and dryer), or waiting for something we may be dreaming about that has yet to appear.  How do you wait. 

I'm at this time waiting to get ready to go to work.  I'd rather wait for something else.  Like starting a new bead project with the new two holed SuperDuos (did I say fab colors before?).  But work provides money to buy the beads and sometimes,  on occasion, food and gas. 

So,  what are we waiting for again????"

That's my friend Barb and you can see why I love her.  I would say I am 'anxiously waiting' to see your finished projects,  but on second thought .....  Thanks for reading, Eileen

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