Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bead Street Classes

The last two weeks have been very exciting and also very disappointing. Exciting because of our trip to the Santa Fe Bead Fest and the incredible new classes Sue and I took there plus all the fabulous new beads (65 pounds worth) we hauled back. 

Disappointing because I had computer issues - from the time I left until just yesterday.  So lots to tell you and no way to do that.  This weekend, I'll post photos of the classes we took. And you'll get a preview of some of our new classes coming soon.

For now - need to tell you about this Saturdays classes April 11th.

Sandy is teaching a new spiral bracelet class using the CzechMate two hole triangles.  We still have a seat available if you would like to take this. Saturday 1:00 - you can call the store 336-9707 for more info.

Beth is also teaching the Multi-gem Leather Wrap bracelet - also at 1:00 and I think there is still a seat available for this one as well.  You can do a one-wrap, two-wrap or three-wrap bracelet and we have kits available that include the leather and a variety of beads you will need.  If you have a favorite button - you might bring that along.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Bead Street Classes

Wire Classes are a hit at Bead Street.  Lots of thanks to Beth for all her work in doing inventory, ordering wire and metal working products, reorganizing and stocking the wire wall and providing fabulous, fabulous samples for potential new classes at the store.  From all her efforts, wire classes have been a big success - so big, she had to schedule two classes on Saturday, February 28th.  Congratulations Beth and a big thank you for all your hard work. 

Due to other commitments, she will not be teaching the next two Saturdays.  So, she will be teaching her Flower Garden Bracelet at 2:00 this Friday the 13th ( that's two Friday the 13ths in a row...)   But stay tuned - more wonderful new projects in the planning stages.

Also on Friday at 2:00, Sandy is teaching a repeat of a Vezsuzsi pattern - two seats left for this one if you can make it during the week.

You can use the components in a bracelet -
 or just use one as a pendant.  

And here is a photo of Beth's class if you can't find it in the class schedule under the Classes heading.  You can bring your own beads or purchase kits in teals, pinks and (I think) purples. Two seats still available here also. For more information, call Beth on  Wednesday, 336-9707

This is a great beginner class and a fun way to find out if you like working with wire.  And this will also give you experience needed to transition into the new wire and metalworking classes coming soon.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Venetian Cuff Bracelet Class

Trying to catch up and post projects that the gals have finished. Bead Street has some fabulous classes all coordinated by Sandy Taylor from patterns from our design team.  

This one designed by Deborah Roberti called Venetian Cuff - we got the name wrong early on - so will try to get that updated wherever needed.  No matter what you call it - this is a beautiful pattern.   Here are some finished projects that the gals have completed and brought in.

Janet finished her's early on and
 got it posted on her blog.

See more photos here

Sandy even finished one. 
Normally she gets color samples made
 and then she doesn't have time 
to finish them  or add clasps.

This one done with melon beads instead of fire polish.
 Still pretty nice!.
Everyone working hard - and notice the treats on the table.
 Beads, chocolate and coffee.
Do you need anything else?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Two Hole Pyramid Bead Bracelets

Last Saturday was another busy day.  Sandy taught a new beaded bead pattern designed by our design team and because the Boise Gem Show was going on at the Fairgrounds, many people stopped in. So more show and tell with our new two-hole pyramid beads.

Janet's Dew Drop Bracelet designed
by Marcia Balonis.
Isn't this wonderful - springtime colors
and love the blues and purples together.

Check out how she finished the ends. 
Love her peyote bands with the brass
magnetic foldover clasp. 

 Janet did modify the pattern to add
 the two hole pyramid and the peyote ends
 but to get information about the original pattern, 
contact Marcia Balonis.
A link and contact information is included
under TUTORIALS tab in above heading.

This is the Pearly Studded Bracelet pattern
designed by Svetlana Chernitsky
and beaded by Sharon.
You can see how beautiful this is in this closeup.
The pattern is in the current issue
 of Bead and Button Magazine.

Same pattern  but another colorway.
We quickly sold out of this opal color of
the 12mm two hole pyramids.

 I don't get to bead too often
- but really  loved this pattern

Here Sharon altered another pattern
(sorry don't remember which one) and
 included both sizes of our two hole pyramids
One of our first shipments from the Tucson Gem Show
arrived last week and the gals got all these beautiful
 colors of pinch beads tagged and out.
Needless to say - these went out the door pretty fast as well.

We received these in two sizes and fortunately
more are arriving Tuesday.
And we have a couple of new patterns ready to go.
However, since we already have March lined up
 - will have to wait till April to get them scheduled.
 Don't know if I have the patience.

The class calendar for rest of February and part of March has been updated above under the CLASSES heading.  Still waiting for a couple of samples and will post those soon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day 2015

Valentine's Day was busy and lots of fun at Bead Street Saturday. Customers brought in some of their finished projects to be photographed and gifts and lots and lots of sweets.  

This first project is Deborah Roberti's Pyramid Band Bracelet that we did a couple of weeks ago.  These are beautiful in person but for some reason had some difficulty photographing these.  The gals loved the class and this project so much, they brought them in to get photographed and to get more two hole pyramids to make another bracelet. 

Masomeh used some very bright colors and
made a fabulous closure for her bracelet.

Sharon added a loop and bead closure.

This looks so elegant in person

Does look like Valentine's Day doesn't it 
- with all the bright red
Susan, Masomeh and Micky missed the photo but 
not the sweets.

We also  had chocolate chip cookies,
some beautiful decorated ones Sue brought
and more chocolates.
Needless to say - we crashed sometime in the afternoon

Also on Saturday, Sue taught  the Zipper Bracelet again.  It's fun to see how many modified the pattern to make it their own.  I think Sharon was slightly influenced by Janet's bracelet that you can see in the prior post.  Just lovely!

On Friday, Beth taught her Wire flower earrings.  We had a couple of cancellations due to illness but she decided to continue with the class anyway.  The gals did some great work and they were having so much fun, they forgot the time and were still here at closing.

It will be fun to see the completed pieces when the gals get them done.  Hope it's soon - would love to see the finished jewelry. 

Much love and thanks to all who joined us Saturday and to those who came by to say hello.  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

This Week at Bead Street

Just a note to let you know about a couple of classes this week.  

Sue will be teaching the Zipper Bracelet twice this week.  It is scheduled for Saturday the 14th, at 1:00 but a couple of people who want to take this are also scheduled in Sandy's class on Saturday - so Sue is teaching this project on Thursday afternoon as well.  2:00 February 12th.   We have a couple of seats still available in both classes.

Friday the 13th, Beth is teaching her Flower Wire Earrings at 2:00. I think there is still room in this class as well. 


Saturday the 14th at 1:00, Sandy is teaching  a new bracelet to a full house. You can call for the materials list.  336-9707

And Saturday, Sue is teaching the Zipper Bracelet again - this time at 1:00. Since this will be the third time for this class this month - it may not be repeated again for a few months.  Let us know if you are interested.

Aren't Janet's colors just spectacular!
More photos coming soon.
The gals wanted to finish their projects
 before I posted.

And don't forget the 22nd Annual Valentine for Aids Silent Art Auction is on now through February 15th at the Flying M Coffeehouse, 500 W. Idaho.  Many of our customers participate in this and it's always fun to see their artwork and the money benefits SNAP (Safety Net for Aids Program).  And it's a great way to find a very unique gift.   

Monday, February 9, 2015

Tucson Gem Show 2015

Lots of exciting new beads were introduced at Tucson this year.   Plus lots and lots of other things that can be used to create new jewelry designs. The new Kheops, Dragon Scale, Tri-Beads and Miyuki 5mm Long Drops are already here, packaged and on the floor. The following are making their way  to Boise.

Delicious new colors of Czech Pinch beads.
Just in time for spring!

New 3mm Czech Snakeskin beads
Also in 4mm and some mixed colors
in the 6mm size

Luscious freshwater pearls 

Czech Glass Pearls in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 6mm.
If I remember correctly -
 maybe 40 some colors of the 4mm.  

Lots and lots of metal beads

Also Rhinestone cup chain, and some fabulous Brass clasps. Haven't decided yet on  Soutache or leather/riveting supplies.

Have no idea where we will put all this, but I always say that and somehow the gals find a place to put it.  Stay tuned -  we'll let you know when all of this arrives.