Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just a few photos of the weather we have had in Boise lately. This is for all of you who have been talking about snow and the cold weather in different parts of the world.  Doesn't happen here often, but this is why we have been spending a little more time indoors beading.  

Cold but beautiful!

Top of the feeder is frozen.
 The lid is somewhere below - under the snow.
 Probably not going to find it 'till spring.

The first time I have seen geese in the pasture.
  Since some of the rivers are frozen,
 maybe they are having a hard time finding food.

The same day, a flock of robins came by for a bath.

And this is "My' duck.
The male is in the pond,
huddling around the pond heater
 (maybe like a sauna?)
Normally they don't show until spring,
so very early this year - again may be a food issue.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trelew Bracelet

Over the last two weeks, Boise weather has been very cold (that's an under statement - it has been miserable).  So a group of us decided to get together to do a little beading.  We decided to try a new bracelet pattern that Eva created and published on her blog.  You can see it  HERE

Nicole used the newest CzechMate Super Duo 
color that  I hope to receive soon.

Sue used  round Czech glass instead of
fire polish for her version
Chris used Czech 4mm cubes 
Irene beaded only one row and then
put scallops around the edge.
Janet is doing the same and chose
some beautiful colors as well.
All in all it was a perfect day
to spend beading with friends.

Thanks so much Eva for another great pattern.  It looked fabulous with a double row of beading like her sample, as well as the modified version some of us did.  Can't  wait to see the finished projects.  If you would like to try this bracelet, you can find her pattern HERE

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New CzechMate Two Hole Beads

Some time ago I was asked to be part of Starman's Trendsetter group.  With this I get to see  the new bead shapes and new colors they have selected to be manufactured for the year. These new bead shapes will be introduced at Tucson in just a couple of weeks.  Exciting things coming and here is a preview of just one of the new beads.

This is a bracelet created with the new CzechMate 2-hole Brick beads.

I call this Parisian Lace. 

This was Version 1.  This bracelet has 'grown' into
 a wider band and did remind me of Paris - hence the name

The 2-holes match up precisely with the
Czechmate Tiles,
Super Duos and 2-hole daggers.
If I remember correctly (and you know how I am),
I think there are 50 colors of the CzechMate Bricks
 that will be available in just a couple of weeks.
 Can't wait to get my hands on more of these.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bead Street News

First I want to extend congratulations to Nicole for getting her Petal Power bracelet published in the current issue of Bead and Button magazine (page 60).  Some of you may remember testing this pattern way last winter.  Here is another color version than what is shown in the magazine.

Here you can see her Czech glass button
 she used as a closure.

Beautiful work, Nicole.  Congratulations!
As you may have noticed, we did not get the new store opened by our planned date in December.  Lease negotiations with the owner fell through and because of the Holidays and illness, thought we would wait until after January 1st to see what other locations might become available. 

We are currently looking at another space a little farther down Chinden.  Unfortunately, this may not happen until March-April.  Tucson is coming right up, I have jury duty in February and  I have some medical issues  I need to take care of in March.  We also have a buying trip scheduled to the warehouse in the Czech Republic.  I was hoping everything would be decided, remodeling completed and everything moved in before all of this. 

A big, big thank you to all of you who have called, sent emails and are patiently waiting to get their bead fix.  We have most all of the inventory organized enough that I can get seed beads to you if you know the stock number.  If you have not found what you need elsewhere, send me an email and let me know.

Classes will continue - more information on this later.  Hope everyone is enjoying all the snow and staying well.