Sunday, January 24, 2016

Preciosa Chilli Beads and Wine

After taking a break from beading because of the holidays, it was great to get back with friends to take a class.  And with new beads - new Preciosa two-hole Chilli beads - and a new pattern and some wine and cookies....   Fabulous, fabulous day.  Below are some of the things we made.  

Janet's two-toned purple version.  Beautiful.
The p
attern called for Thorn beads,
 we used two-hole and regular daggers instead
Here is a closeup of above.   Janet really liked this pattern
and you can see more color versions on her Blog

Sandy's second bracelet.
She really liked this pattern and made two.
She used some of my favorite colors,
 so I'll have to make this version as well.
My blue luster version with a black diamond AB dagger.
 You would think with a bead store, I'd have
 everything I need - but forgot almost everything.
So thanks to all for lending me
needle and thread and even seed beads.
Sue's very dramatic Metallic Gold Chilli's
and Garnet daggers
.   Also beautiful.
This is Sandy's first color version.
She was unsure about colors since she hadn't done this
pattern and hadn't seen it done before.
She did a wonderful job coordinating the daggers
with the Jet half coat Copper.
 Turned out great.
Judy leans towards Southwest gemstone colors
in selecting beads and this turned out very
dramatic as well.  Interesting that they all take on a
 different vibe - even when using the same pattern.
Sharon had fun with her colorful bead choices as well.
Again, totally different feel -
I'm always so amazed when that happens
 Beautiful work
This pattern, designed by Helena Chmelikova is available free with a Chilli bead purchase available on our website - (or click on the link at the top of this page).  See other great samples under the tab New Chilli beads.  So glad the girls talked me into ordering them.  Lots of fun and we can see lots and lots of potential.

A big, big thank you to  Sandy for teaching  and to Judy for hosting our class and for providing the wine and delicious soup and other goodies.  Like I said, fabulous day!