Friday, July 27, 2012

Tila Twin Bracelet

Many people have sent emails saying they have missed my posts and current class information.  Thank you everyone, for the kind words.  I have been very busy - a new bead warehouse is in the construction phase.  A very, very exciting time - but more about that later.

We had a lot of classes in July.  Almost all of them were special requests and they filled immediately.  We are going to repeat most of them in August - and if necessary, more repeats in September.  Below is one new class made with the new Tile (CzechMates) and 2-hole Twin beads (aka Super Duos).   These new beads have been flying off the shelf.  We had enough interest to fill 3 classes and only able to get two scheduled in July.  The third will be in August.  If you like what you see, just let me know.

Technically called a Tila Twin Band, this pattern was designed by Deborah Roberti and
Sandy purchased the instructions for our students.
 We used CzechMate Tiles and Czech Super Duos which are pressed glass
and we think much more uniform than the two-hole Twin beads.
You can reach Deborah at

This was the first class and Heidi's sister from San Diego was able to join in.

This is Irene's and she used the Silver Metallic Tiles, S11598E seed beads
 and Super Duo colors TW101G and TW104G

Claudia used Bronze CzechMate Tiles,  S11217E seed beads,
and TW130N Super Duos.

I'm sure most of you will recognize this as Janet's. 
The Tiles are much prettier than this photo shows - more of a pale Icey TQ Blue

Heidi choose to use Brown Iris Tiles, Super Duos TW132N,
and seed beads in color S11059E

Another beautiful color selection.
Elaine used Matt Apollo Jet CzechMate Tiles
and Matt Apollo Gold Super Duos

Lucy LOVED this pattern.  So much, she made 3 color samples
so she could choose her beads and then finish her bracelets at home.

Lucy's second colorway has Luster OP Green Czechmate Tiles,
 S11337E seedbeads, and Super Duos in OP TQ Green and OP TQ Blue

Heidi, Claudia, our instructor Sandy and Janet. 
This was one of Claudia's last classes.  She was trying to attend as many beading classes as she could before moving with her husband to Choteau, Montana.  We will miss her beautiful smile and her fabulous color choices. We all wish her well and hope she will be able to visit Boise often.

Heidi and her sister.
 Not sure what it is about this pattern, but everyone said it was a really fun project
 and as always, Sandy did a wonderful job teaching

The August Class Schedule has been posted even though we have a couple of days to be announced.  If you are interested in a particular project, let us know via email or calling Bead Street 336-9707 and we will try to accommodate.  Nancy is now back from her hiking trip in Colorado and is anxious to get back to teaching as well.

Thanks for reading and happy beading!  Eileen


April said...

I love the cheerful mood that you create in your blog. Great workshop, a pity that so far from my house;)

Eileen said...

Thanks so much April. Your website is beautiful. I'll have to add Translate so I can read it.

Deb Roberti said...

These are absolutely beautiful!

BlueLagoon said...

Your Blog is very interesting. So I can look for a lot of time.
Where can I find the bracelet from the banner in blue-green Rizo?