Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Scroll Technique using Beads

Isn't this just to die for? 
This is Penny's class sample of her Scroll Bracelet that she taught in July at Bead Street. The first time she taught this,
she also included design techniques so that students
could basically do anything they wanted.
  Since then, she has simplified the class 
by just teaching the technique. 
 Another design  class will come later. 
You can check out her blog for more info.

This was the first workshop and everyone helped
critique each others design

Doesn't look like a 'beading class' does it? 
If this was taught at a national bead show -
 students might have to pay hundreds of dollars for this workshop. 
We are so fortunate that Penny lives in Idaho.
And I am so thankful she teaches at Bead Street

This is Chris's finished bracelet where she incorporated
 a Czech glass button

A beautiful example also using a Czech glass button as a focal.
If this is one belongs to you - please let me know.

Part of the second class. 
Would love to see your finished projects gals!

At first glance, this may not look like part of this class.
In this necklace, Janet used Penny's technique for incorporating a cabochon.

Close up of previous photo. 
 I love it when a student takes a technique from a class and then
'makes it their own' by doing something different. 
 Beautiful work, Janet!

Another beautiful example from the second class. 
 This one belongs to Sue.
Thanks everyone, for bringing in your projects to share.

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