Monday, April 22, 2013

New Czechmate 2-hole Brick Beads

Another new pattern we're calling Parisian Lace.  I think you've seen the black and silver version when we announced the new Czechmate two-hole Brick beads in a January post.  Here are samples of some of the other colors of these new beads.

I am currently finishing up the pattern for this bracelet.  So, for those of you who have asked, it will be available soon. 

I think these colors are to die for.
 Beaded by Lucy, I liked this so well,
 I had to make one just like it.

Sue's version, also beautiful
and I think I will have to bead these colors as well.
 I guess I'm going to have a bunch of these
bracelets when I'm done.

Great colors for summer.

This one looks much better in person.
 Some of the seed beads are a beautiful opal color.

This is Janet's with fabulous, pastel, springy colors.
 Check out her blog HERE for the finished version. 

Love how she used the mixed, yummy,
 opal colored seedbeads.


Mézesmama said...

Very special design!
Each variation you like it!
Congratulations to all of!

Bellezza in ricicletta said...

Sono spettacolari. Brava! Ely

Van said...

Great design. Where can we go to purchase the beads?

Mariam abalorios. said...

¡Qué sencilla y bonita, con nuevos materiales, los rectángulos. Yo nunca los he trabajado.
MariaM acabado en M

Hacer Özkan said...

Thank you for joining my blog and thank you for yourshaings.edremit10

Maria said...

Very nice!!

♥ Maryfrances ♥ AKA Pramps! said...

This is just stunning. I would LOVE to see a tutorial/pattern... would even pay for one! Any chance of this happening? LOVE your blog!

Lufantasygioie said...

your creations are very beautiful and interesting, congratulations

Amy's said...

All of them look very delicious,great design.I have not seen these new check beads in stores around me,need to order them online.

Penny said...

Hi Eileen,

Looks like fun! Hope you are well. I'm coming to Boise this weekend and wondered if I could stop by on Saturday, May 18th, to pick up my Russian beading book and just see how you are doing. When would be good for you?

LoriF said...

Beautiful bracelets, Eileen! Nice to see how different the pattern can look in multiple colorways.

Artesania Lantoxana said...

Todas kas versiones quedan bien felicidades

Ela said...

Very amazing design!! :)

Jagoda R. said...

Piękne, kolorowe i pomysłowe bransoletki!!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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