Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bohemian Crochet Wrap Bracelet

Last fall my friend Barb and I saw these Bohemian Wrap Bracelets all over Europe.  From a distance you couldn't tell they were crocheted.  In many cases, there were so many wraps it looked like a beaded pattern of some sort.  Ironically this is not a new pattern - it's another project my Grandmother and I did as a child.  Although I have been reminded  that as old as I am - everything I've done will  be around again and again.  And maybe even again.

Since I can't find some of the photos I took in Italy, this wll give you an idea of what we saw. 
This beautiful bracelet belongs to OlenaDesigns on Etsy.
It took some doing to convince Sandy to teach us all how to crochet. 
 But once we did, she got really excited and will be teaching
a Tubular Crochet project in August
and another type of crochet later in the Fall.

To make the class easier, Sandy simplified things and used thicker cord. 
 We also used smaller beads than the original, but this is a beautiful version as well.
Janet used a beautiful Czech glass button as her closure.
Turned out nice, don't you agree?
Elaine is pretty intense with this.
 Notice how long her crocheted chain is getting.

Our '16 year old over achiever' Irene just took off with this as well. 
Notice how even her stitches are.

The challenge now is to use thinner cord and bigger beads, 
These are 6mm Czech Fire Polish with a Czech flower for the closure.
Another beautiful bracelet by OlenaDesigns.  Find her on Etsy.

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