Friday, October 12, 2012

Bead Street Store Events

A lot happening this month and last.  Our new location will hopefully be open by December 1st.   Still lots and lots to do.  For those interested in knowing why we have moved - see the last paragraph of this post.

So far we have also traveled from Boise to Portland to Seattle to Reykjavik to Charles de Gaulle airport  in Paris.  We were there during fashion week and a lot to see.   And we bought a lot of beads and buttons and trims.  

I have also learned three new beading patterns  that will become new classes this fall.

On the plane ride from Seattle to Reykjavik,
Barb and I each beaded a Super Duo bangle
and I beaded the Russian Spiral to match


This is a new pattern using the two-holed Super Duos or Twin beads along with size 11 seedbeads.  We have had a test class on this pattern and instructions are currently being edited.

Closeup of the Russian Spiral.
Pattern in October 2011 Bead and Button

My friend Barb beading at 35,000 feet.

More information about the fashion shows, bead stores (I should say the bead wholesale district), and some of the sights we saw in Paris coming in the next few days.

One of the things I found interesting in Paris was, of course, the jewelry.  One show had a lot of chains hanging everywhere.  Another show - showing a lot of 'cuff' necklaces - large, Swarovski embellished pieces.  Another show - beaded bracelets - one for each arm and both identical.  We couldn't get into the shows but did see a lot of fabulous street fashion and were inspired by the vibrant colors of the clothes and jewelry we saw.

For those interested in the Paris fashion shows, this video is sort of a recap.  Paris 2013 Ready To Wear Highlights

For anyone interested in why we are moving:  Our European buying trip had been scheduled since early spring.  Two months ago we got word that because of safety issues with the sprinkler system and  insulation falling down, some major repairs needed to be done which would require us to be closed for awhile.  We asked if these repairs could be done while we were gone.  Two weeks before leaving, we were told that most all of our inventory  and store fixtures would have to be removed to do the repairs. 

So, we chose to not move back in and instead open at a new location. Because this all happened very fast, our new location is not yet ready and we have moved part of the inventory to our warehouse and part to a temporary location. Right now I'm told that painting is being done, the Gemstone slat wall has been installed, painted, and most of the gemstones and pearls have been hung up. In a couple of weeks, all seedbeads and Czech glass will be available to purchase. I really appreciate your patience and all the offers to help with the move. 


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