Monday, October 1, 2012

Bead Street Customer Work

Haven't been able to post as often as I would like - still traveling -and a little tired.  Typing on a Tablet (even with an attached keyboard) is NOT one of my favorite things to do. 

Have learned two new beading patterns so far.  Have plenty of photos, and would love to show you, but have not been able to download them.  So will have to wait till next week.  I will say, Soutache jewelry and all things bright and blingy are very big in France.  However, 'Fashion Week' is currently happening in Paris so even the word 'blingy' is a mild understatement right now.

The following photos are of completed projects that for whatever reason never got posted.  I think these are very interesting, great color choices and hopefully, all of you think these are fabulous as well.  Enjoy.

Joy created this beautiful bracelet from a pattern 
published in Beadwork magazine.

A Tila / Czechmate Tile and Rivoli
 bracelet beaded by Joy.
 A beautiful pattern and a beautiful
 finished bracelet as well.

Beaded beads by Irene from a 
Diane Fitzgerald pattern 

This 'cabachon was created by Gay.
  She told me how it was made but 
I can't remember what she said. 
 I do remember saying that your deepest,
 darkest secrets are safe with me because 
I wouldn't be able to remember them. 
 I guess that also applies to artistic 
techniques as well. 
 Stunning piece in person.

Irene beaded this beautiful necklace for her Mom, 
from a pattern in a beading magazine. 
 Mom loved the necklace - she just didn't 
love her face in the photo.
  Photoshop to the rescue again.

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