Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pillow Bead Bracelet

As promised, here are some photos of beads that students made in Penny Dixon's Pillow Bead Bracelet class.  Some gals have made the beads but haven't finished their bracelets as of yet.  But here you get a chance to see the colors they are using.   Deb and Sue have finished at least one bracelet each.  More photos to follow.

Gee, wonder if this one belongs to Janet?
Bead Street Nos. S11605E for TQ, P11211E for the bronze
and a brick red seedbead size 11.

Joy selected beautiful colors on this one as well.
 Bead Street Nos. S11754E, S11916E, and P11208E.

I think this one belongs to Lucy. 
She was matching a new outfit so these may become
earrings instead of a bracelet.

This is Deb's finished bracelet.  Beautiful colors and I think she's pretty happy with it since I see her wearing it a lot..

This one beaded by Sue and she used some
of the same colors selected by Irene. 
I think Sue has another that she started in the class -
would love to see that one as well.
Pretty stunning huh?
All in all, I think everyone pretty happy with their projects.

We really appreciate that Penny drives from Twin Falls
 to teach at Bead Street in Boise.
We'll have to schedule as many classes as we can
 before winter weather.

One of Penny's class samples. 
See more of her work at

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