Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bead Street Move

The Cole and Ustick location has been closed for Boise City required renovations.  Some inventory has been moved to the warehouse and some inventory is currently being moved to a temporary location.   More information later. 

The store as it looked last Saturday

Our 32 foot wall of Czech glass beads with
1000 colors of size 11/0 Japanese seed beads below
Our 16 year old Irene jumped in, took charge of organizing
the removal of the Czech glass wall, supervising gals,
 labeling bags and packaging.  Thank you Irene!

Took a truck load just for this wall

What used to be our classroom area.
Classes will resume the  middle of October
shortly after our European buying trip

Building walls, installing slatwall,
 almost ready for paint.

Czech glass moved in

This looks overwhelming at the moment

The good new is that we will have new - brand new - never seen before beads.  Very exciting!  An online shopping cart has been completed and is  currently being tested.  And new, Paris and Italy inspired classes are in the planning stages.  For those of you who like to be on the leading edge of new beading projects - you are in for a treat.

Many thanks to EVERYONE who helped with the move.  In particular, Sandy, Sue, Telli, Irene, Lucy, Nicole, and Noah, Adam and Tyson from Carter Construction  were a tremendous help with this project. I also appreciate  their great ideas and for just jumping in wherever needed.  Thanks so much.  

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