Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Triple Spiral Projects

I'm traveling at the moment but wanted to post something to let everyone know I survived the move out of Cole and Ustick.  Actually I just barely survived, catching a really nasty cold made worse because of all the smoke in the valley and the dust from the move.  

And, I am without my computer, printer, Photoshop, camera 
cards, calender - basically all those items that I use to post - so please bear with me if I have misspelled names or even incorrect names under a post.

 Nicole took a class at Bead and Button this summer learning a Triple Spiral technique.  She finished her necklace and it turned out beautifully.  Don't you agree?

Don't remember who the instructor was
and I think this was a kit except for the
Czech glass beads in the center

Nicole used Netting stitch 
to enclose the larger Czech glass bead

Virginia took a class with Nancy at Bead Street some time ago.  She must really love this stitch - because she keeps making more.  Here is another one of her finished necklaces.

Masoumeh also attended Nancy's class and instead of doing an entire necklace with this stitch, she added an area to a tubular piece she was working on.

I think this is one of Nancy's projects

Nancy  originally submitted instructions for a triple spiral project called 'Sumptuous Spiral' and was published in Beadwork Dec 2006/Jan 2007.


LUCY said...

Fascinante unos proyectos divinos....

Montse Joyitas said...

It's wonderful work. Congratulations

Anonymous said...

Unos trabajos preciosos!!!!