Saturday, September 1, 2012

Netted Wire Lace Earring Class

Penny Dixon of Penny Dixon Designs taught another fabulous  netted wire earring class at Bead Street.  Penny taught everyone how to create the wire 'frames' and then how to do the wire netting as well. She used the new two-hole Czech Super Duos but the Czech Twins would also work.   The gals all did great - they all finished at least one earring and I know most of them have been working on the second one.  Will post the finished projects later.  This is what they are supposed to look like.

Penny used Opaque Luster Picasso Super Duos
and Czech glass for her sample.

Everyone really paying attention. 
The gals all mentioned how they enjoy Penny's classes.

I think this is Pink/Topaz Luster Turquoise
Super Duos and more Czech fire polish

This was the first wire class Jenny has taken. 
Probably won't be her last judging by her enthusiasm

Deb chose Green Iris Super Duos for her project.
 She loved the class as well and has already finished both her earrings.

Another beautiful color selection.

Penny used Metallic Silver Super Duos and crystal
for another class sample.  Beautiful!

And then we have Joy and her tomatoes.

I'm 'anxiously' waiting to see a couple more finished pairs and will take photographs and get those posted soon.  All the gals selected beautiful colors for their earrings and I hope to see them do more.  If you would like to see more of this technique,  check out Penny's blog and her Weathering Wire Lace Earring post.



LUCY said...

Fascinantes, me encantan....preciosos....

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the idea ist great and the design is beautiful, i love it.
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Hi Eileen, thank you for your subscription to my blog. I find yours very interesting and I'm glad to follow you too.