Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just a few photos of the weather we have had in Boise lately. This is for all of you who have been talking about snow and the cold weather in different parts of the world.  Doesn't happen here often, but this is why we have been spending a little more time indoors beading.  

Cold but beautiful!

Top of the feeder is frozen.
 The lid is somewhere below - under the snow.
 Probably not going to find it 'till spring.

The first time I have seen geese in the pasture.
  Since some of the rivers are frozen,
 maybe they are having a hard time finding food.

The same day, a flock of robins came by for a bath.

And this is "My' duck.
The male is in the pond,
huddling around the pond heater
 (maybe like a sauna?)
Normally they don't show until spring,
so very early this year - again may be a food issue.


DVArtist said...

Hi I found you through Eva Maria. I am an Idaho girl too now living in OR. I sure don't miss the snow. LOL

Bellezza in ricicletta said...

Le immagini parlano da sole. Bellissime. Ely

Anonymous said...

Unas preciosas fotografías!!!! Me encanta la nieve!!!!
Y los trabajos que has hecho ultimamente son maravillosos.
Perdona que no pase tanto por aquí, pero el trabajo me lo impide.

Unknown said...

Che belle foto!! Bravissima
Ciao Roberta