Friday, September 7, 2012

Not your Momma's Macrame

Shamballa Bracelets are one of the newest trends around. These macrame bracelets were inspired by the ancient philosophies of Buddhism and Tibetan which believes that the earth contains and also transmits powers via precious and semi-precious gemstones. 

The idea behind these bracelets posits that along with  yoga, and meditation, they can play a  role in promoting your health and fitness.  Whether you believe in this tradition or not, they make beautiful and contemporary jewelry. 

Bead Street has a selection of large hole glass beads and large hole freshwater pearls that look beautiful with leather.  We also have a large color selection of 2mm leather. 

For those of you old enough to remember the macrame plant holders in the 70's - you already have the skills to make this.  For those of you that are younger, check out this video. 

Here is a photo of another macrame bracelet using C-Lon Macrame cord and the new Matsuno Peanut Beads.  A Peanut bead was added to each end of the cord before tying the knot.  A great antique button was used to close this one.

Bead Street has 100+ colors of Matsuno Peanut beads
and 60+ colors of C-Lon Macrame cord.
  We also have 12 colors of the Tex400
Heavy Macrame Cord. 

The lighter weight C-Lon Macrame cord
 is also great for crocheting, as seen here
with size 6/o seed beads
and a beautiful glass bead created by
Karen Ovington

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