Sunday, March 11, 2012

Teacher Profile

Nancy Sathre-Vogel

Nancy  and I go way back.  I first met her when she walked into Bead Street when we were located in downtown Boise at the 8th Street Marketplace (now called BoDo).  Immediately I could tell she was a world traveler.  The exquisite beaded necklace she had on was just dripping with an ethnic, Asian-European influence.    I loved it!

Not only is Nancy a fabulous designer, she is also an exceptional instructor.  She has written many beading articles for Bead and Button magazine, Beadwork magazine  and Belle Armoire.....  She has an ability to break down complicated techniques into easily manageable parts.  No doubt her experience as a teacher has helped in this process.  Because of Nancy, we have been able to add Free form Peyote, Embroidered Button, Beaded Buttons, Herringbone (Ndebele) Flowers and other intermediate and advanced projects to Bead Street's class schedule.

Nancy's classes are educational,  but they are also very entertaining.  Oftentimes, some of her traveling stories sneak into her workshops.   To read more about her, her family, and her travels, see her blog which is ultimately about pursuing your passion.   To see or buy any of her jewelry, see .   We are all thrilled with the new classes and we are trying to schedule as many of them in as we can before that wanderlust spirit strikes again. 

Welcome Nancy.  It's wonderful to see students thrive and be so  inspired under your direction.

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