Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ladder Stitched Wrap Bracelets

A few weeks ago I had a friend visit and we made beaded hearts.  Not one mind you, at least a dozen - in a few different styles - and in many colors,  Well, this past week it was the Chan Luu style leather wrap bracelets.  Again, about a dozen, in a few different styles, and in many colors.  Think maybe we are a tad obsessive??   

In the 1950's, we called these ladder stitched bracelets and we did not have the selection of beads we have today.  And we were limited to black leather shoe laces.  Never thought I would say I am thankful for colored leather.  Here are some of the photos.

A five-wrap gemstone bracelet with an antique brass button.

A beautiful strand of tourmaline with hot pink leather and brass button
Silver Czech glass two-hole tile beads with metallic silver leather

Another Czech glass two-hole tile, turquoise leather
and vintage brass button

Freshwater pearls, bronze leather, and vintage brass button.
I added two loops at the end so that both me and my daughter
can wear this (she has a larger wrist). 
The two loops make it adjustable.

Rather than doing a 3-wrap bracelet, I did one wrap that had 3 rows of beads. 
Again, Czech glass two-hole tile beads in metallic copper
and 4mm fire polish in the same color. 
 And another vintage button.
Basically done the same way - but all three rows
stitched at the same time.

If you would like to try any of these, see our tutorial under videos in the top menu bar.  You can find a great selection of leather at Bead Street - probably about 20 colors or so.  We also have some of these bracelets on display so you can get a closer look.  If you need any help, you can either email or stop into the store.

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