Friday, March 23, 2012

Three Signs of Spring

Spring is finally here.  How do I know?  Well my ducks have arrived.  How do I know they are 'MY' ducks?  Check out this photo.  They flew in, waddled right up to my back door and actually pecked at the window.  They remembered who fed them last year - survived through the  hunting season - and are back this year for more food.  They are My ducks.

Second sign of spring - Flower and Leaf sale at Bead Street,  Buy one get one free on the entire flower and leaf wall.  To inspire you - check out Janet's fabulous, fabulous flower garden bracelet.  These are not even my colors - but I love this!  She said she was inspired by Nancy's Freeform Peyote class - where she learned to trust her own sense of color and  to give herself permission to bead 'outside the lines.'  Well done Janet!  This is wonderful - thanks so much for bringing it in.

Notice how she finished her closure.  Nice.

Much nicer in person.  I couldn't stop taking pictures.

The third sign of spring,  This is Enrique'.  Yep, he actually comes  to my door when I call him.  And I feel like an idiot calling his name when I am out in the yard (as if he were a dog).  But I do it anyway.  After all, someone has to feed him.  And if I don't - he 'pecks' on the back door - just like MY ducks.

I know, I know, the photo isn't great.  My cat "Charlie" sits on the inside of the door and presses his nose up against the glass - which leaves 'nose prints' all over the door.   And no, I do not have time to keep it clean.  It's beads or a clean window, and I choose beads.

Don't forget the sale - now through the end of the month.  This is your opportunity to stock up for all those wonderful flower projects that will be in the beading magazines in the next few months.   Happy Spring!

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