Thursday, January 26, 2012

Triple Spiral Class

This is the end of January and now my hope for 2012 is that the next few months are better than the first month.  It was just a few weeks ago that I said ".. I have plenty of pain pills and I'm not using Depends - so in my mind, life is good."  Well folks,  last week sucked.

Somehow I managed to hurt my hip and was in excruciating pain (I actually thought I had broken it) and I couldn't get out of bed.  Once I had help getting out of bed, I couldn't sit or get back into bed. I know you've heard this before - but it's worth repeating - I have the best customers in the world.  Thank you, thank you, thank you - to everyone who offered to work in the store, shop for groceries, lift packages up off the floor, pick up prescriptions and of course - inventory beads.  Also, many thanks for all the prayers and good wishes. 

I'm now on the mend and getting back to scheduling classes and updating this blog. I have updated the calendar for February and March - check out 'Classes' in the top header.  I'll also be posting photos of the new classes in the next few days. 

Here are photos of Saturdays "Triple Spiral" class.  Probably not a beginner class - but if you have beaded some and are handy with a needle, you can handle this.  Nancy is such a great instructor and has a way of making complicated projects much easier.  The project won't be completed in class but you will learn the spiral, double spiral and then a triple spiral stitch.    Cost is $15 and you will need to bring seedbeads in sizes 11/0, 8/0, and 6/0, and maybe some drops, crystals or small fire polish beads.  If you are used to using size 15's - you can bring those as well.   We have a couple of seats still available, so if interested, let us know.

Triple spiral necklace beaded by Masoumeh

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