Sunday, January 29, 2012

Peanut Bead Pattern

Joy is an experienced teacher  - but only with 4 year-old children.  She will be teaching a beaded bead designed by  Kassie Inman  from the Beading Butterfly in the next few months.  So we had a trial run Friday night.  These are made with the new 'peanut' beads and everyone had a great time - and they each finished a couple of beads.  Doesn't Joy look professional.

Here are the finished beads.  Pretty cute huh. 
Irene wanted her Popcorn peanut bead to look just like the name - so she did hers in white.

Here is what they look like in a finished bracelet with a group of lampwork beads.

This photo I have to explain.  Joy won the 'most entertaining student' award - but only because Janet conceded the race.  Since Joy was ecstatic - she kissed Janet.  There were funnier moments - but we were all laughing so hard - I couldn't hold the camera steady enough to take a photo - so this is the only one that isn't blurry.  Congratulations Joy!  And thanks for a job well done - she did a wonderful job teaching this rowdy bunch. 

Click here for a link to Kassie's site
She has a lot of great tutorials and patterns for sale as well.

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