Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New 2 hole Tila Beads

These are the new 2 hole Czech Tile beads - we now have about 100 colors.  Will take closeups and pics of the other colors so you can see the fabulous finish on these beads.  You can use them in whatever Tila patterns you may have.  Some patterns out there actually look better with these beads because they are slightly 'thicker' and have rounded corners (so they are not so sharp).  Check out our Tila and Tile Bracelet post for photos and you can see the difference.

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Barb said...

Wow....! What a selection of Tile Beads right at our fingertips... I would like to buy all colors and stitch and bead until my head started to spin. That and Capital One is the problem...I will order a few at a time and hope for the best. Thanks for such a wonderful blog. I can't wait for the next episode of travel and beading adventures. A Big Fan