Sunday, June 14, 2015

Chain'On and Portalegre' Bracelet Patterns

Well this certainly has been a whirlwind month.  First, I was extremely proud that one of my designs 'Portalegre' was included in Starman's ad in both Bead Work and Bead and Button magazine. Kits were available and sold out immediately.  Another shipment has arrived and we are frantically filling back orders this week.   Also working on another color way - hopefully will be able to post that soon.

Portalegre' Bracelet
Designed by Eileen Barker

Second, my Chain'on Pattern is generating a lot of buzz.  Originally designed in 2012 - my friend Barb and I went to Paris in September 2012, and after many classes at Bead Street, taught this to her  on the plane.   You can see the original post HERE  It is so gratifying to see so many people love this bracelet - and to see so many photos of their completed bracelets on Facebook.

Chain'on kits are still only $10 to $18 depending on the color you choose (and with or without a clasp) and also includes the pattern.  If you are interested - contact us for available colors.

Third, I have a project published in this month's issue of Perlen Poesie (Issue 25) magazine - the leading beading magazine in Europe. Again, I'm so very honored.  

And last - and the most exciting - my Rick Steves  Hill Town Italian trip.  Look who I ran into - none other than Rick Steves himself.   And he has his arm around me taking a selfie - something he hardly does ever.  Thrill of my life!

So exciting - fabulous, fabulous, month - makes up for all the late night hours doing inventory, unpacking beads, labeling beads and scheduling classes.  Whew!


Terri said...

Awesome work!! Wow ... you are one talented lady!

Eileen said...

Thank you so much. This was one of my submissions for Trendsetters. I seem to do ok when I have an assignment and a deadline.

JDreams by Janet Carter said...

You are a wonderful person, a fabulous teacher and an incredible designer! And, truly, all of your designs are magazine-worthy! Thank you for providing me personally so much beading joy! You ROCK! See you Saturday!

JDreams by Janet Carter said...

P.S. Great picture of you with Rick Steeves. :)