Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day 2015

Valentine's Day was busy and lots of fun at Bead Street Saturday. Customers brought in some of their finished projects to be photographed and gifts and lots and lots of sweets.  

This first project is Deborah Roberti's Pyramid Band Bracelet that we did a couple of weeks ago.  These are beautiful in person but for some reason had some difficulty photographing these.  The gals loved the class and this project so much, they brought them in to get photographed and to get more two hole pyramids to make another bracelet. 

Masomeh used some very bright colors and
made a fabulous closure for her bracelet.

Sharon added a loop and bead closure.

This looks so elegant in person

Does look like Valentine's Day doesn't it 
- with all the bright red
Susan, Masomeh and Micky missed the photo but 
not the sweets.

We also  had chocolate chip cookies,
some beautiful decorated ones Sue brought
and more chocolates.
Needless to say - we crashed sometime in the afternoon

Also on Saturday, Sue taught  the Zipper Bracelet again.  It's fun to see how many modified the pattern to make it their own.  I think Sharon was slightly influenced by Janet's bracelet that you can see in the prior post.  Just lovely!

On Friday, Beth taught her Wire flower earrings.  We had a couple of cancellations due to illness but she decided to continue with the class anyway.  The gals did some great work and they were having so much fun, they forgot the time and were still here at closing.

It will be fun to see the completed pieces when the gals get them done.  Hope it's soon - would love to see the finished jewelry. 

Much love and thanks to all who joined us Saturday and to those who came by to say hello.  

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JDreams by Janet Carter said...

Love the picture of all of us! At that point we hadn't eaten so many sweets! Hah!