Sunday, November 11, 2012

Paris Flea Market

Bead Street News

Been really busy as usual.  Still negotiating on the new space and still unpacking and organizing beads in a temporary location.  The Czech glass wall is done, CzechMate Tiles, Tilas, Twins, Super Duos, 3.4mm drops, 8/0 and 11/0 Triangles, and glass pearls have all been unboxed and hung.  Almost all of the seed beads (anything in tubes) as well as the 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 3mm and 4mm cubes and bugles have been organized.  A lot done but still have lots to do. 

Also have finished some projects to be submitted to the TrendSetters that will be published for Tucson.  I have used some of the new bead shapes so I can't show you those until they are officially announced in January.  But here is one bracelet using Super Duos that I can show you.

Paris Flea Market

The history of the flea market dates back over two centuries, when  men scoured through the garbage of aristocratic Parisians at night to find their cast-offs to sell.  Many set up their temporary stalls within the Paris walls.  These neighborhoods became full of pickpockets and thieves and they were eventually chased out of the city walls to Clignancourt, Montreuil, and Vanves which were the gateways to the city.

The markets are called Les Puces (translation the fleas) because presumably the clothing and other items found in the garbage were in fact infested with these bugs.  Fortunately,  just the name remains and the largest of these markets is the one at Port de Clignancourt. 

Since I was looking for buttons, keys, lace, trims, postcards, photos - basically anything I could use to make jewelry, we first headed to the smaller market at Vanves which is the southern port (gateway) and not far from our apartment.

Vendors at this market set up tables along the streets. 
 We found linens, books, old photos, postcards,
 lots of buttons, jewelry, toys, posters,
sterling silverware and tableware, pottery, 
 African artifacts (some hundreds of years old),
 and some antique furniture and vintage clothing.
We also found a booth of glass doll eyes.

The lady in purple is the booth vendor holding my purchases.
I wanted to know what this tiny 'brayer' was used for and she didn't know enough English to explain to me.
 This wonderful man, who spoke both French and
English,  gave us both a lesson in history.

Found some lockets including a lovely French
 photo souvenir locket at this table.
Also bought some tiny brass keyhole plates.

A French flea market version of Starbucks.
There are a couple of thermoses on the back,
as well as a carton of juice.
Pastries, cookies, muffins and cups inside the cart
and a trash bag hanging off the front.
In my book, everything you need while you shop.

A sampling of some of the things we found here.

The Port de Vanves flea market is located
on Line 13 in the 14th arrondissement
which includes most of the Montparnasse area
(remember that tall tower in a lot of our photos).
Things here seemed fairly priced and the vendors were open to bargaining. Take either a pen and paper (so vendors can write down their price) or a calculator.  If you are into bric-a-brac, jewelry and other smaller items, this market is the place to start.  You do have to walk thru a vegetable market that includes vendors with new clothes, jewelry and kitchen items.  Keep walking, you will find the flea market a few more blocks south.

A really wonderful day today.  Weather was good, subway was easy and I was not only visually stimulated, but found some wonderful items as well.   Next is the big flea market at Port de Clignancourt which is north of Paris.  More on that on the next post. 

For more info:

Porte de Vanves Open Saturday & Sunday  until around 1:00 - avenue Marc Sangnier & avenue George Lafenestre
Metro: Porte de Vanves (line 13)
06 88 64 82 77


Bellezza in ricicletta said...

Bellissime foto, il bracciale è meraviglioso. Sono felice che hai trovato da compreare al mercatino. A presto Ely

AntiquityTravelers said...

Lovely! The bracelet is beautiful and can't wait to see more. But wow the flea market looks like fun! I could get lost in there all day long!

H.T. said...

Fine pattern with 'twin beads'-one more hint for my inspiration:-)
I love 'flea markets',wherever they go.We also have them here,in Sweden.In Denmark,where I lived previously for five years/my husband's Danish/,there are that kind of markets organised only some times a year,in many places,also in small cities and as Denmark is not a big country-it's easy to trace them:-)
I've been to Paris several times in my life,for holidays,but each time didn't spend much time there,but I lived for half of the year in Southern France/Saint Tropez/.
I like Your way of blogging very much,because each time I read,I can discover something attractive and new here.It's fantastic,that this way,You make Paris closer to the readers from all of the world.
I hope,I'll visit it someday for my holidays again.
Like Your 'Beading Journey' very much and I think,I will be commenting here more often,than so far.The further advantage is-You're writing in English,so that I can read and respond with no problem:-)/I come from Poland-Warsaw:-)/
I am sending the big Hug to You and my Best Greetings from a little frosty Sweden.

esther said...

Preciosa la pulsera !!! Qué recuerdos de París !!!

Malena Valcárcel said...

Beautiful bracelet, love it!!
The flea market looks like a lot of fun, lucky you :)

Orsi said...

Very beautiful bracelet!

Montse Joyitas said...

It's a beautiful work, I like much. The colors that you have used are very nice. Regards

Anonymous said...

I love this bracelet. colour is adorable. never heared from tiles before, but the super duos are great.
greetings from Germany

april grinaway said...

Love reading your posts !
You are sooo interesting ~