Thursday, October 18, 2012

Parisian Inspiration

After our little walk, and since it is raining, we all decided to eat in tonight.  Which also means a time to bead.  I'd like to say this bracelet was inspired by some of the things we saw this day - like some of the Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque or (my favorite) Art Nouveau architecture, or the bling we saw in the great boutiques or the colorful Parisian street fashion.  But no, it was actually inspired by dinner.

Made with the Czech Super Duos with a Picasso finish
 - perfect for Paris

I'm not sure this is finished yet. 
 I may have to add another row or I may have to add
some scallops or picots to the outside edge. 

And here is the inspiration.   I had to use the beads I had brought with me - which of course,  was something teal.

We didn't buy this, partly because we didn't know
what it was and no one could tell us. 
 I thought I would ask Gloria Google later. 
 Unfortunately the sign is not for this vegetable.
Update: Andrea (a follower) said this is Romanesco
(a variety of cauliflower). See her blog Here Thanks!

This is part of  'what's for dinner tonight'.
Is this the biggest head of lettuce you have ever seen.

Barb is very much interested in French History and I love architecture in general.  If you are interested, here is an easy (and somewhat entertaining) read about both.  Paris Buildings



Hi Eileen,
I like your bracelet very much. The colours are gorgeous.
Have a nice day

Malena Valcárcel said...

Hello Eilleen,
Thank you very much for visiting my blog and leaving those beautiful comments :)
I like your blog and I will be following you from now.

Anonymous said...

Es una pulsera maravillosa!!!!

Fac@ttenreich said...

Hello Eileen,
your bracelet is very beautiful! I like the colors and the design very much!

P.S. This vegetable is called Romanesco.It is a variety of cauliflower.

Mariam abalorios. said...

Well you could make another round or two as you want but as I´ve just seen It´s beautiful!!

MariaM acabado en M

Eileen said...

Thanks so much for your comments and encouragement.

Orsi said...

Very pretty braclet!!!