Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Puffy Crystal Heart Instructions

Happy Valentines day again! If you are one of those beaders who hasn't been able to master the Swarovski Crystal Puffy Heart - you are going to love this.  Here is a video tutorial that will walk you thru it - step by step. 

Why did I give you this one second - after the prior crystal heart?  Hopefully you have beaded that one and when you do this one  - you can compare them to see the difference.  There is a slight difference on the sides and the first one uses less crystals so is a little smaller as seen in the top photo.  However, the first tutorial is easy to master - and very easy to remember.  This one will take a while to memorize - and you might have to watch it more than a few times.  Which means you are tied to your computer.  And if you beaded the first one - you will be able to do the next Open Crystal Heart tutorial with ease.

A couple of things to make this easier.  Make sure you count out the 73 crystals needed for this (don't just pull from a pack).  Also, make sure you pull out the number required for each step.  This not only keeps you on the right path - it also helps when you rewind the video to see the step again. 

Right versus left thread.  Don't get hung up on which is which and try to remember where you are.  The thread that is facing your left - is the 'left' one.  When you do a crossover (both threads going thru one bead) - the thread that is now facing your left - becomes the 'left' thread.  You do not need to color the ends of the thread to keep track.  To make connections, this gal has a very easy method  (by folding the work).  Watch that part carefully.

In a couple of places she says "show you one more time".  She does not repeat any steps. What she means is "do it one more time".

 Puffy crystal hearts beaded with 5mm, 4mm, and 3mm
Swarovski crystals

Barb and I both started with 5mm crystals for the first one, then beaded one with 3mm crystals.  We used Illusion cord size .010  for the 5mm one and the same cord  on two needles for the 3mm ones. 

I also beaded another 4mm heart using Soft Touch flexible beading wire,  You only need 50 inches so at 7.99 a spool - that's a little over a dollar.  This works okay if you know what you are doing.  If you have to pull stitches out however, it can kink badly.   So I recommend you start with the Illusion cord. 

The video is in 3 parts.  At the end of part 2, she cuts off the threads and the heart does not have a hanging loop.  Watch part 3 before cutting off any threads.   Email if you have any questions or come into the store for help and as always - Have Fun!!

Here is the link:  http://www.jewelrymakingprofessor.com/puffyheart.html

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