Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the Marais

Bead Street News:  All the painting has been done - at least I think it is done.  You know how it is - you paint one wall and an adjoining wall looks a little dirty, so you have to paint that one, and then ......  Have hung up row 8 on the Czech glass wall (4 more to go).  Irene did a fabulous job of organizing the gals when this stuff came down.  So pretty easy to get back up, just time consuming.  Running short of space on the Teals and Greens (go figure) so may have to reshuffle some - but making progress.

Now  to Paris - the Marias - Day 3:

The Marais means 'the marsh' in French but it is now one of the most elegant and aristocratic districts in Paris. Because it is Friday, and the Marais is a Jewish community, their Sabbath is Saturday and most stores and restaurants close early on Friday.  Some stores close at noon - some stores were not even open today.  So if you go, and I recommend you do, go earlier in the week.

Our visit was a very colorful and eventful one. We saw Renaissance-era architecture, galleries, Michelin-starred restaurants next to Kosher bakeries, and expensive boutiques next to thrift shops.  The Marais is bohemian, artistic and cosmopolitan.

When I say colorful - here's a sample of what we saw.

This is inspiration to me.
Instead of doing an entire bracelet,
I am working on just one ring - similar to this one -
and then maybe use some Chinese Knotting cord
and do a macrame something.

Pretty nice huh! 
 Maybe a little too bright to wear in Boise. 
We'll have to see,

First event - Sign says Free Hug. 
 Barb always seems to find the 'Huggers'
(remember the Czech Republic trip). 
This gal appeared to be a little safer however,
 so instead of running, I actually got one too

This is me sitting in the gutter. 
My job on trips is to navigate - to get us wherever
we need to be, then safely back home. 
 Barb' s job is to entertain and provide medical care. 
 Boy did we need her medical advice on this trip. 
As it turned out, three of us fell at some point -
 I was just the first.  Sprained my ankle, hurt my hip and knee 
and ripped my pants (notice the knee). 
 Fortunately, Parisians are all very helpful and
 thankfully - no one broke any bones.

The Marias is full of antique stores, boutiques, and vintage shops. 
 Of course, we had to go into this one. 
Not a lot of what I would call bargains. 
 The vintage items were from Chanel, Louis Vuitton,
Dior,  Yves Saint Laurent -  we are in Paris afterall.
Colorful and bling with a capital B.
More on our visit on the next post.


H.T. said...

Fantastic,colorful bracelet. Beautiful design,improving the mood,when it rains behind the window.Also the other jewelry items-very impressive ones.
Warm Greetings-from Rainy Sweden-

Malena Valcárcel said...

Very, very nice. I love the colors.

Eileen said...

Thanks so much for your comments!

Anonymous said...

Una pulsera maravillosa!!! Los colores son preciosos!!!!


Hi Eileen,
very nice your colourful bracelet, with a touch of the hippie-area. I love it very much.


fantástico, me encante el colorido¡¡

AmumaDeb said...

I was so glad to find your new store. Can't wait for class on Friday.