Monday, October 29, 2012

Still Day 3 in Paris

During the reign of Henry IV, the Marais became the hometown of the French aristocracy.  In the 17th century, big shots built their private mansions close to Henry's ritzy Place des Vosges.   The mansions that survived the Revolution now house museums, libraries, and national institutions.

The Marais is in both the 3rd and 4th Arrondissement and is the location for Place de la Bastille and the flashy, curved, glassy facade of Opera Bastille - which we are going to on another day.  For now we are continuing our window shopping.

A dainty macrame and rhinestone bracelet.
We haven't found soutache cord yet,
 but I did get rhinestone chain.

Old Roman Glass necklace

Each of these pieces were hand cut

Lots of metals - silver and gold - in the shops.

We are walking west (at least I think it is west) on the rue des Francs-Bourgeois which leads to the Centre George Pompidou which is a massive complex housing the Musee National d'Art Moderne and a number of rotating exhibitions.

We spotted this wall mural as we rounded
 the corner before the Center

Another totally different neighborhood feel - 
with the fountain, kids playing in the water,
music, and the modern art atmosphere.

We saw lively street dancers,
other entertainment and chalk paintings.

As we head south back to the apartment,
we pass this 170 ft bell tower.
This was part of the St Jacques de la Boucherie Church
 which was built during the Renaissance,
and destroyed during the French Revolution.
 The bell tower is all that remains and is the
 centerpiece of  Paris' first public square.

Across the river to Saint Michel

Close up of the fountain

After passing this building, we decided to get off the main boulevards and walk thru the side streets and
passageways (pedestrian only streets)
which was a lot quieter and less touristy.  
Back thru the Sorbonne area and the Pantheon to home.
Not a bad day considering how it all started.


LUCY said...

Una Maravilla.....felicidades

AntiquityTravelers said...

oh! my kind of blog you've got here! Travel + beading ... exactly what mine is :) Enjoy the trip - sounds like so much fun!