Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Multi-Gem Leather Wrap Bracelet Class

The recent Leather Wrap Bracelet class was certainly successful. The students had such a great time - really fun day.

Beth and I put kits together to make it easier (and less costly) for the students.  We actually sold some of the kits to others who already knew the technique and didn't take the class.  And yes, due to popular demand, we will have these kits available again soon.  

We might even put together some other colors based on the gemstones we recently bought at Bead Fest Santa Fe. So stay tuned for more color variations.

Sue beaded this one using one of our kits.

Sue loved this class so much,
 she went home and immediately beaded two more. 
 Think this is bracelet number three.

This one belongs to Ardith.
She also went home and beaded a couple more

Same technique but slightly bigger beads - 
Sue picked these colors.  Pretty nice.

Isn't this also beautiful?

These were made so they are adjustable as well.
Just in case you want to give
 away an extra one or two.  

This is the original version -
 and inspiration  from Paris

We do plan to offer this class again - but probably not until July.  If you would like more information or would like to be included in the next class, send an email or you can call the store 208-336-9707.

Also, be sure to check out the fabulous new wire and metalsmithing classes Beth has planned for  May.  You can see photos listed  under CLASSES in above header.


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