Thursday, March 5, 2015

Venetian Cuff Bracelet Class

Trying to catch up and post projects that the gals have finished. Bead Street has some fabulous classes all coordinated by Sandy Taylor from patterns from our design team.  

This one designed by Deborah Roberti called Venetian Cuff - we got the name wrong early on - so will try to get that updated wherever needed.  No matter what you call it - this is a beautiful pattern.   Here are some finished projects that the gals have completed and brought in.

Janet finished her's early on and
 got it posted on her blog.

See more photos here

Sandy even finished one. 
Normally she gets color samples made
 and then she doesn't have time 
to finish them  or add clasps.

This one done with melon beads instead of fire polish.
 Still pretty nice!.
Everyone working hard - and notice the treats on the table.
 Beads, chocolate and coffee.
Do you need anything else?


JDreams by Janet Carter said...

Exactly... what else does a woman need? Chocolate, coffee, beading, and friends who have the same addictions to these!! Oh, and Joy's tomatoes! She did share those with us too. Yummy.

Eileen said...

So, so thankful for friends like you - remember the days when 'shoes' was the thing we had to have?

JDreams by Janet Carter said...

Well... I STILL need shoes, lots of shoes! Ha ha. I've just added the beads to all my other must haves.