Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Piggy beads, Pipps, Pyramids, Half Tilas and More

Lots and lots of new beads in recently - and already tubed, labeled and out on the floor.  Piggy beads, Pipps, Half Tilas, Tri-beads, Dragon Scale, Two-hole Pyramids 8mm and 12mm, and lots of fabulous new pastel O-Beads.  Many of you have asked for these - hopefully we have enough inventory for all your projects.  And  more new beads arriving next week.  Feels just like Christmas opening the boxes. Sandy is so excited that she can now teach some of her new classes that require these beads.  

This Saturday she is teaching a bracelet pattern using the 12mm Pyramid beads - a couple of seats are still available.

Beth is also teaching  Saturday at 1:00 - a new Freeform Wire Charm bracelet using copper wire and gemstones. This class is for those comfortable with wire wrapping.  Call Beth Friday with any questions about the difficulty of this project 336-9707.

And per special request, Sue is teaching Eiffel Tower/Along the Seine on Saturday at 2:00.

Next Saturday, Beth is teaching  her Metal Coloring Earring project.  Due to a scheduling conflict - we have moved this class from February to January 31st.  If you have signed up for this class and this date doesn't work for you - let us know - we'll get you into the next one.

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Bernice Parsons said...

I read your blog with interest as I have been developing my beading skills over the last few years. The images of jewellery that you have on your blog are lovely, I especially love the wire detailing. I would definitely love to check out your new beads, hopefully I will see you soon at your shop. I would also love to learn the Eiffel tower technique as that looks cool.

Bernice Parsons @ Badger Anodising