Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bead Street Classes

The last two weeks have been very exciting and also very disappointing. Exciting because of our trip to the Santa Fe Bead Fest and the incredible new classes Sue and I took there plus all the fabulous new beads (65 pounds worth) we hauled back. 

Disappointing because I had computer issues - from the time I left until just yesterday.  So lots to tell you and no way to do that.  This weekend, I'll post photos of the classes we took. And you'll get a preview of some of our new classes coming soon.

For now - need to tell you about this Saturdays classes April 11th.

Sandy is teaching a new spiral bracelet class using the CzechMate two hole triangles.  We still have a seat available if you would like to take this. Saturday 1:00 - you can call the store 336-9707 for more info.

Beth is also teaching the Multi-gem Leather Wrap bracelet - also at 1:00 and I think there is still a seat available for this one as well.  You can do a one-wrap, two-wrap or three-wrap bracelet and we have kits available that include the leather and a variety of beads you will need.  If you have a favorite button - you might bring that along.


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