Saturday, July 9, 2016

Right in Line Bracelet - new Champagne version

Haven't posted in awhile - lots of traveling this spring, creating new bead designs and taking photographs for products to be added to the website.  Lot of work still to do.  Will try to post lots of travel photos over the next few weeks. Have a video as well - purchased new video editing software (hopefully faster than old one) and hope to have that available as soon as it is edited.  

In the meantime - had a beading request for a wedding - bride and all the bridesmaids.  Wanted my Right in Line bracelet but in Champagne.  After a couple of attempts (first one two light on the 'blond' gals), finally came up with colors that looked great on everyone.  So now making a kit with these beads as well.  Will only have 8 kits available so if you like this version, let me know soon.  

This is a gorgeous color - unfortunately doesn't photograph very well.  May try on a darker background for the website.  Was very honored to be asked to do this and pleased that the bride, her family and all the gals were thrilled with the results.


Janet Carter said...

Absolutely gorgeous - I cannot imagine that anyone would not be thrilled with one of your pieces. You are absolutely a master of design !!! :)

Kathy Jenkins said...

I bought the kit but can't find the issue of Beadbutton it was in. Can you help?

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